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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-1996Absolute Loss Bounds for Prediction using Linear FunctionsPhilip M. Long
22-Mar-2006Absolute versus probabilistic classification in a logical settingJAIN, Sanjay; MARTIN, Eric; STEPHAN, Frank
1-Apr-1996AC-5*:An Improved AC-5 and its SpecializationsBing LIU
29-Apr-2007Accelerating Point-Based POMDP Algorithms through Successive Approximations of the Optimal Reachable SpaceHSU, David; LEE, Wee Sun; RONG, Nan
1-Dec-1998Accurate and True Reconstruction of 3D Models with Closed-Form SolutionsWee Kheng Leow; Zhiyong Huang
26-Jun-2008Active Learning for Causal Bayesian Network Structure with Non-symmetrical EntropyLI, Guoliang; LEONG, Tze-Yun
1-Aug-1992Active Recursive Associate RecallsTeo Y M; Ho S B
1-May-2004Adaptive Hybrid Sampling for Probabilistic Roadmap PlanningDavid HSU; Zheng SUN
1-Jul-2001Adaptive Pre-computed Partition Top Method for Range Top-k Queries in OLAP Data CubesZheng Xuan LOH; Tok Wang LING; Chuan Heng ANG; Sin Yeung LEE; Hua-Gang LI
1-Feb-1992Advances in Digital Image Compression TechniquesLu Guojun
1-Sep-2003Affine-Based Size-Change TerminationAnderson Hugh; Siau Cheng KHOO
1-Jul-1999Aggregation of Association RulesShichao ZHANG; Xindong WU
1-Aug-2002The Algebra and Analysis of Adaptive-BinningWee Kheng LEOW
13-Sep-2005Algebra and the Formal Semantics of GLASSNI, Wei; LING, Tok Wang
-Analyzing Temporal Keyword Queries for Interactive Search over Temporal DatabasesGAO, Qiao; LEE, Mong Li; LING, Tok Wang; DOBBIE, Gillian; ZENG, Zhong
8-Jul-2015Answering Keyword Queries involving Aggregates and Group-Bys in Relational DatabasesZhong, ZENG; Mong Li, Lee; Tok Wang, Ling
19-Oct-2005An Application of Constraint Programming to Mobile DataBRESSAN, Stephane; TOK, Wee Hyong; PRESTWICH, Steven
7-Sep-2006Applications of Kolmogorov Complexity to Computable Model TheoryKHOUSSAINOV, Bakhadyr; SEMUKHIN, Pavel; STEPHAN, Frank
1-Mar-1993Applying Cognitive Apprenticeship to the Teaching of Smalltalk in a Computer-Based Learning EnvironmentChee Y S; Tan J T; Chan Taizan
1-May-1992Architectural Support for Management Lexically Scoped Environment in Tree-Based Parallel Lisp ExecutionYee J J; Yuen C K