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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-1992Interval B-Tree: A New Time Index StructureAng C H; Tan K P
1-Feb-1992High-Order Association as a Two-Stage ProcessHo S B; Raymund Teo
1-Feb-1992View Update in Entity-Relationship Based Database Management SystemsLing T W; Lee M L
1-Feb-1992Synchronization with Linda TuplesYuen C K; Feng M D
1-Feb-1992Advances in Digital Image Compression TechniquesLu Guojun
1-Mar-1992Extensible Buffer Management of IndexesChan C Y; Ooi B C; Lu Hongjun
1-Mar-1992Towards a Synergistic Integration of the ER and Relational Formalisms for Logical Database DesignLing T W; Goh C H
1-Mar-1992A Knowledge Abstraction Approach to Enhance Query WritingChan H C; Wei K K; Siau K L
1-Mar-1992Chinese Character Prediction by Recurrent NetworkHsu L S; Wu ZhiBiao
1-Mar-1992Preservation of Integrity Constraints in Definite Datalog ProgramsWang Ke; Yuan L Y
1-Mar-1992Minimize Linear Mutual Recursion by Rule UnfoldingWang Ke
1-Mar-1992Double-sided Composition of RelationsWang Ke; Zhang Weining; Lu Hongjun
1-Mar-1992Domain Model-Driven Software Reengineering and MaintenanceStan Jarzabek
1-Mar-1992Efficient Edge Detection Using Hierarchical StructuresTan C L; Loh S L L
1-Apr-1992An Execution Time Estimating Model for Series- Parallel ProgramsZhou Wanlei; Molinari Brian
1-Apr-1992An Asynchronous Remote Procedure Call Mechanism for Distributed ComputingTay B H; Koh E K; Ananda A L
1-Apr-1992A Survey on Statistical Approaches to Natural Language ProcessingWu Z B; Hsu L S; Tan C L
1-Apr-1992On Conflicts in Class Hierarchies of Object-Oriented SystemsLing T W; Teo P K
1-Apr-1992A Decentralized Remote Procedure Call Transaction ManagerZhou Wanlei
1-May-1992Parallel Grid Sorting Algorithm Using Synchronous ApproachTay S C; Tan K P; Ong G H