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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2006Absolute versus probabilistic classification in a logical settingJAIN, Sanjay; MARTIN, Eric; STEPHAN, Frank
21-Mar-2007Consistent and Conservative Iterative LearningJAIN, Sanjay; LANGE, Steffen; ZILLES, Sandra
17-Mar-2009Index Sets and Universal NumberingsJAIN, Sanjay; STEPHAN, Frank; TEUTSCH, Jason
8-Dec-2005Invertible ClassesJAIN, Sanjay; NESSEL, Jochen; STEPHAN, Frank
13-Mar-2006Iterative Learning from Positive Data and Negative CounterexamplesJAIN, Sanjay; KINBER, Efim
27-Apr-2009Iterative Learning from Texts and Counterexamples Using Additional InformationJAIN, Sanjay; KINBER, Efim
29-Jan-2009Learnability of Automatic ClassesJAIN, Sanjay; LUO, Qinglong; STEPHAN, Frank
18-Dec-2006Learning Correction GrammarsCARLUCCI, Lorenzo; CASE, John; JAIN, Sanjay
14-Nov-2007Learning in Friedberg NumberingsJAIN, Sanjay; STEPHAN, Frank
2-Dec-2005Memory-Limited U-Shaped LearningCARLUCCI, Lorenzo; CASE, John; JAIN, Sanjay; STEPHAN, Frank
21-Aug-2007Mitotic ClassesJAIN, Sanjay; STEPHAN, Frank
25-Aug-2008Numberings Optimal for LearningJAIN, Sanjay; STEPHAN, Frank
19-Jan-2010On Automatic FamiliesJAIN, Sanjay; ONG, Yuh Shin; PU, Shi; STEPHAN, Frank
21-Nov-2005On Learning Languages from Positive Data and a Limited Number of Short CounterexamplesJAIN, Sanjay; KINBER, Efim
10-Jul-2014On the Role of Update Constraints and Text-Types in Iterative LearningJAIN, Sanjay; KÖTZING, Timo; MA, Junqi; STEPHAN, Frank
13-Mar-2007One-shot Learners Using Negative Counterexamples and Nearest Positive ExamplesJAIN, Sanjay; KINBER, Efim
21-Sep-2007Prescribed Learning of Indexed FamiliesJAIN, Sanjay; STEPHAN, Frank; YE, Nan
11-Oct-2007Prescribed Learning of R.E. ClassesJAIN, Sanjay; STEPHAN, Frank; YE, Nan
22-Apr-2010Robust learning of automatic classes of languagesJAIN, Sanjay; MARTIN, Eric; STEPHAN, Frank
25-Nov-2005Some Recent Results in U-Shaped LearningJAIN, Sanjay; STEPHAN, Frank