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  • YU, Haifeng; ZHAO, Yuda; JAHJA, Irvan (2016-04-25)
    For dynamic networks with unknown diameter, we prove novel lower bounds on the time complexity of a range of basic distributed computing problems. Together with trivial upper bounds under dynamic networks with known diameter ...
  • HOU, Ruomu; JAHJA, Irvan; LUU, Loi; SAXENA, Prateek; YU, Haifeng
    In a sybil attack, an adversary creates a large number of fake identities/nodes and have them join the system. Computational puzzles have long been investigated as a possible sybil defense: If a node fails to solve the ...
  • JAHJA, Irvan; YU, Haifeng; ZHAO, Yuda
    This paper considers several closely-related problems in synchronous dynamic networks with oblivious adversaries, and proves novel (d + poly(m)) lower bounds on their time complexity (in terms of rounds). Here d is the ...

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