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  • Anthony H Dekker (1994-05-01)
    This report presents a tutorial for the CLEAN Functional Programming Language, in the form of a stepwise development of two programs for animating Conway's Game of Life. The power of the novel and elegant input/output and ...
  • Koh T W; Ho Y S; Ooi B C (1993-02-01)
    Abstract not available.
  • Ling T W; Teo P K; Yan L L (1992-08-01)
    Abstract not available.
  • ZHOU, Jingbo; GUO, Qi; JAGADISH, H. V.; LUAN, Wenhao; TUNG, Anthony K. H.; ZHENG, Yuxin (2015-11-23)
    Data variety, as one of the three Vs of the Big Data, is manifested by a growing number of complex data types such as documents, sequences, trees, graphs and high dimensional vectors. To perform similarity search on these ...
  • TANG, Ruiming; AMARILLI, Antoine; SENELLART, Pierre; BRESSAN, Stéphane (2014-03-12)
    While price and data quality should define the major tradeoff for consumers in data markets, prices are usually prescribed by vendors and data quality is not negotiable. In this paper we study a model where data quality ...
  • CHEN, Liang; MITRA, Tulia (2013-06-18)
    Coarse-grained reconfigurable arrays (CGRAs) exhibit high performance, improved flexibility, low cost, and power efficiency for various application domains. Computeintensive loop kernels are mapped onto CGRAs through ...
  • Chan Hock Chuan (1994-01-01)
    Many graphical query languages (GQL) have been developed for the entity relationship (ER) model. These are analysed and compared from the user's viewpoint. The analysed features include ER concepts, interaction modes, model ...
  • REIMANN, Jan; STEPHAN, Frank (2006-02-10)
    It is well known that Martin-Loef randomness can be characterized by a number of equivalent test concepts, based either on effective nullsets (Martin-Loef and Solovay tests) or on prefix-free Kolmogorov complexity (lower ...
  • Ho S B; Raymund Teo (1992-02-01)
    Abstract not available.
  • GOZALI, Jesse Prabawa; KAN, Min-Yen; SUNDARAM, Hari (2012-04-04)
    This paper explores photo organization within an event photo stream, i.e. the chronological sequence of photos from a single event. The problem is important: with the advent of inexpensive, easy-to-use photo capture devices, ...
  • LIU, Qing; BASU, Debabrota; GOEL, Shruti; ABDESSALEM, Talel; BRESSANE, Stéphane (2017-06-06)
    One of the modern pillars of collaborative filtering and recommender systems is collection and exploitation of ratings from users. Likert scale is a psychometric quantifi er of ratings popular among the electronic commerce ...
  • CHEN, Bo; LU, Jiaheng; LING, Tok Wang (2007-05-30)
    Keyword search is a user-friendly way to query XML databases. Most previous efforts in this area focus on keyword proximity search in XML based on either tree data model or graph (or digraph) data model. Tree data model ...
  • John CASE; Sanjay JAIN; Eric MARTIN; Arun SHARMA; Frank STEPHAN (2004-07-01)
    The present work studies clustering from an abstract point of view and investigates its properties in the framework of inductive inference. Any class S considered is given by a numbering A0,A1,... of nonempty subsets of N ...
  • Bing Liu; Wynne Hsu; Lai-Fun Mun; Hing-Yan Lee (1997-08-01)
    Abstract not available.
  • Bing LIU; Wynne HSU; Lai-Fun MUN; Hing-Yan LEE (1996-08-01)
    Abstract not available.
  • STEPHAN, Frank; TEUTSCH, Jason (2007-05-17)
    We introduce generalizations of the Kolmogorov random strings, called minimal index sets. The set of Kolmogorov random strings are known to be immune but not hyperimmune. In contrast, minimal index sets are not only immune ...
  • Wong W F (1993-09-01)
    As part of the BaLinda Lisp project, a BaLinda Scheme interpreter/compiler has been implemented. This was done by incorporating BaLinda constructs, written using the Lightweight Processes library of the SunOS, into a public ...
  • Kenny Zhuo Ming LU; Martin SULZMANN (2004-09-01)
    We introduce a novel implementation of subtyping among regular expression types in terms of Haskell-style type classes by making use of some modest type class extensions. We assume that each regular expression type has ...
  • MARTIN, Eric; PONG, Wai Yan; STEPHAN, Frank (2009-06-30)
    Rabin showed that there is no r.e. model of the axioms of Zermelo and Fraenkel of set theory. In the present work, it is investigated to which extent natural models of a sufficiently rich fragment of set theory exist. Such ...
  • Feng M D; Y Q Gao; C K Yuen (1993-05-01)
    Abstract not available.

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