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  • Kenny Zhuo Ming LU; Martin SULZMANN (2004-09-01)
    We introduce an extension of Haskell baptized XHaskell with regular expression types, regular expression pattern matching and semantic subtyping in style of XDuce. The basic idea behind our approach is to make use of ...
  • Stephane BRESSAN; Gillian DOBBIE; Zoe LACROIX; Mong Li LEE; Ying Guang LI; Ullas NAMBIAR; Bimlesh WADHWA (2001-06-01)
    If XML is to play the critical role of the lingua franca for Internet data interchange that many predict, it is necessary to start designing and adopting benchmarks allowing the comparative performance analysis of the tools ...
  • Zhuo CHEN; Tok Wang LING; Mengchi LIU; Gillian DOBBIE (2005-01-11)
    XML is becoming prevalent in data presentation and data exchange on the internet. One important issue in the XML research community is how to query XML documents to extract and restructure information. Currently, XQuery ...
  • J. SUN; J. S. DONG; J. LIU; H. WANG (2001-01-01)
    Recent effort and success in formal methods have been concentrated on building 'heavy' tools support, such as theorem provers and model checkers. Although those tools are essential and important for applications of formal ...
  • Jin Song Dong; Jing Sun; Hai Wang (2002-06-01)
    The World Wide Web provides an important infrastructure for a promising environment for formal specification and design activities because it allows sharing of various design models and provides hyper textual links among ...

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